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Keisha's VIP Chats

Share a Moment, Make a Difference


Welcome to Keisha's VIP Chats, a unique and exclusive corner of my world where you and I get to connect on a deeper, more personal level.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 21 years that I spent in front of the camera. I am currently transforming my energy into a passionate pursuit of higher education. As I walk this new journey, I invite you to join me, support me, and, in the process, learn a little more about the person behind the persona.

Every chat booked through Keisha's VIP Chats is an opportunity to get to know me beyond my filmography. Whether you're curious about my experiences, interested in my thoughts on various topics, or simply want to share some laughter and conversation, I'm here to engage, listen, and appreciate your company.

What makes these chats even more special? Each session you book contributes directly to my college fund. Your support not only enriches our shared moment but also plays a key role in empowering my educational pursuits. You're not just signing up for a conversation; you're investing in my future, my dreams.

Booking a private Zoom session with me is simple and straightforward. Just pick a date, secure your spot, and look forward to our virtual conversation. Let's talk about life, love, aspirations, challenges, or even your favorite scenes from my film days. After all, this is our time to connect, converse, and contribute to a cause that's very dear to me.

Thank you for your support and interest. I can't wait to meet you in our VIP Chat. You make a difference, and every conversation with you adds another layer to my incredible journey.

Looking forward to connecting with you, Keisha

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